Mission Australia Early Learning & Defence Child Care

Mission Australia Early Learning believes that quality Early Childhood Education is vital in ensuring all children have a successful start in life. We recognise that in the first five years a child undergoes 90% of all brain development. It is for this reason that we invest our people, skills and resources in Early Childhood. We believe every child deserves access to the best education from birth regardless of background or circumstance. In pursuit of this, our commitment is unwavering, our passion uninhibited and our enthusiasm dogged.

We are honoured to be the manager of the Defence Child Care Program, managing 19 Long Day Care, Outside School Hours Care services as well as Individual Case Management service. As the operator we have developed a genuine partnership with the Australian Department of Defence and Australian Defence Force families. Our excellence, innovation, agility and results have evolved this successful partnership since 1st July 2012. Our parent’s satisfaction surveys, staff engagement surveys and Assessment and Ratings results verify our outstanding delivery of the DCCP.

The experience gained over time managing the Defence Child Care Program has enabled intimate understanding of the unique needs of Defence families. Our service provision holistically encompasses operations across and Individual Case Management.

Require assistance?

  • To enquire about a place at one of our Long Day Care or Outside of School Hours services, visit our Contact Us page
  • If you require assistance in an area not nearby to a Defence Child Care Program service, and require the ICM service, please visit DCO and contact the Helpline