Outside of School Hours Care

The Mission Australia Early Learning provides Before School Care Programs and After School Care Programs during school term, as well as Vacation Care programs during the school holidays in selected centres.

Each OSHC service strives to meet the recreational, social and developmental needs of children, as well as their families’ requirements for care.

Our aim is for each child to become a happy and confident person, well equipped for the challenges of lifelong learning, contributing to the society in which they live and able to achieve their full academic, creative and social potential. We strive to integrate and further develop the sense of belonging, being and becoming for all students, families and staff while at the program. We value the diverse range of cultural experiences within our community of families.

What our OSHC services offer:

  • A welcoming environment for children from diverse backgrounds and with additional needs.
  • Appropriate programs based on the development and interests of primary aged children and their individual needs.
  • Relaxed social learning environments.
  • Promote warm and friendly relationships between educators, parents and students while ensuring that they respect other students, educators and the school.
  • Encourage individuals to have a responsibility for others wellbeing.
  • Compliance with Educational and Care Services National Law Act, National Quality Standards and the Framework for School Aged Care.
  • A program that complements and enhances the school’s activities and is consistent with the school’s philosophy.
  • Safety of all students during all aspects of the program.

The Service offers an anti-bias approach to programming which is inclusive of all children. Consideration is given to factors such as culture, ethnicity, language, gender, social class and ability when planning the program and a big emphasis on community and our Defence Families.
The Service responds to individual needs, interests and requests by providing a range of activities for all children attending the Service. The Service’s program offers a balance of activities, ensuring flexibility and providing for child initiated activities. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

All Mission Australia Early Learning OSHC Educators are qualified and equipped with the skills necessary to take amazing care of your child. The Educators are enthusiastic about giving feedback about your child  and learn as much as possible about the child’s individual needs and interests.  Parents who are new to the service are welcome to visit the service with their children to meet the staff team prior to commencement.

Your child will be engaged in worthwhile activities at our outside school hours care programs based on the children’s interests, needs and current events.

We are happy to assist with homework upon request at After School Care.

Mission Australia Early Learning OSHC offers vacation care for children aged 5-12 years. Our fun and educational program uses the “My Time, Our Place” framework with a focus on learning through play and leisure, where children are challenged to be curious about their interests.

Our vacation care programs are specific to each centre and include a variety of experiences ranging from excursions (where we go out into the community), incursions (where a provider comes to us), physical activity, project work and more. Each service sets their schedule a few weeks before the start of the holidays and parents are able to book into the days they require only (no minimum requirement).


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