There are endless lifelong benefits that come from reading with your child. Reading with your child can start at any age but the research shows that the earlier you start, the better. In fact, some research suggests that reading to your child when they are in-utero is the best time to start.

It is critical that early childhood educators have a thorough understanding of a many theories, science based, evidence based, research based and multiple perspectives both locally and from around the globe. Educators who see themselves as professionals will use all the information available to them to inform their practice.

A home environment can be such a wonderful learning environment. A warm caring home has all the ingredients conducive for learning. For optimum learning children need their basic needs met; they need to feel safe and secure; things need to feel familiar and predictable and they need to have some sense of control over their surroundings. This is usually the case for most children when they are at home.

There is a lot of growing and learning that happens in the first three years of a child’s life. Young children are rapidly developing in all areas, socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively and linguistically. Children go from being completely reliant on adults to meet their needs to learning that they are a person and that they exist separately from their primary caregiver.