Mango Hill Kindergarten


Mango Hill


Bonnet Parade, Mango Hill, QLD 4509


07 3491 6060


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Candida Bellert


9am to 3pm


Public Holidays and School Holidays: closed



 Year before prep


Please call the centre for details on daily and weekly rates.




Mission Australia Child Care Centre Philosophy

Aligned with the broader Mission Australia Early Learning Services philosophy, our centre's recognises that early childhood is a crucial time in the development of children and we work with children and their families to ensure the best possible start in life.

We provide a nurturing and natural environment where each child feels valued and safe to explore, create and communicate.
Our  curriculum has been developed and influenced by the Early Years Learning Framework, ensuring the children at our centre receive the highest quality education. 
We know that collaborative partnerships are crucial to successful education. And we work with the wider community, as well as with families to access vital information to support our children.
We believe a love of learning is one the greatest gifts you can give a child and our stimulating, natural learning environments are designed to encourage wellbeing, wonder and belonging.


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