Rossmore Community Preschool


631A Bringelly Road Rossmore


New South Wales


  • Preschool Program

Exceeding PNG

Centre Manager: Paula Haubenwallner

Phone: 02 96065712

Hours of Operation: 8.15am-3.45pm (School Days)


Rossmore Community Preschool is a quality Early Childhood Education environment catering for 40 children daily, 3-5 years of age. We provide quality programs for the child and the family, ensuring the family unit is catered for, recognised and valued as a vital part of a child's positive approach to life and education.

We cater for a diverse group of children, providing inclusive programs, where educators work collaboratively with professionals, enhancing the maximum opportunity for the child and the family to succeed and develop. Programs provided cater for the needs of not only the child, but that of the family, school and the community.

Rossmore educators work closely with families to explore the learning and development opportunities to provide thoughtful attention to each child’s individual needs. The curriculum focuses on play-based learning to foster creativity and curiosity; support physical development; encourage a sense of belonging, and promote the language and literacy development of each child.

Rossmore offers parents of children with special needs much needed support including: information, education and workshops to help parents support their child’s learning and development at home; social interaction to bring parents together; referrals to care professionals and support services; emotional support.

We use Storypark badge blue 400px

We use Storypark to engage parents in their child's learning. This industry leading program lets you see the learning experiences of your child and interact with educators to enable real connections between what your child learns in a Mission Australia Early Learning centre and what happens at home.

Rossmore Community Preschool has the following inclusions:

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