Mission Australia Early Learning support the provision of Mission Australia Preschool programs.

Our preschool programs have a particular focus on providing inclusive, high quality education and care for children from all backgrounds.
Programs are run by University trained Teachers and not only prepare children for the transition to school, but prepare them for a life and love of learning. We focus not only on the specific educational outcomes many schools see as important to start school, but on the child as an individual, including developing skills and competencies in such areas as:

  • The ability to concentrate in a classroom environment
  • How to look after personal belongings
  • Peer relationships and relationships with educators

What is Preschool?

In NSW, Preschool provides educational programs for children the year before they start kindergarten.

The Mission Australia Preschool program is a structured play based program and is delivered by a qualified and experienced Early Childhood Teacher. We offer this service in 2 stand alone, purpose built centres in Sydney. The program operates at least 15 hours per week, 40 weeks per calendar year (following the school terms) and focuses on expanding the child’s knowledge and skills while preparing them with the necessary skills for the transition to kindergarten.

Our educators work closely with families to explore the learning and development opportunities to provide thoughtful attention to each child’s individual needs. The curriculum focuses on play-based learning to foster creativity and curiosity; support physical development; encourage a sense of belonging, and promote the language and literacy development of each child.

A key benefit of Mission Australia Preschool programs include our ability to work closely with families to access relevant specialists such as: speech pathologists, occupational therapists and doctors. Our preschools also support parents with the life-changing support they need including: social support network, parenting programs and referrals for counselling and medical assistance.

Our centres

Miller Community Preschool

Rossmore Community Preschool