Long Day Care

Mission Australia Early Learning has been operating child care and long day care centres for 9 years, however many of our services have been operating in their current location for much longer.

Services are called long day care because the length of time they are opened per day which is usually 10+ hours. All long day care centres are licensed by a Regulatory authority within their state, are an Approved Child Care Provider (with children attending the service eligible for Child Care Subsidy) and are governed by the National Quality Framework. Regular assessments against the National Quality Standards occur which assist to maintain high quality across the industry.

Mission Australia Early Learning are proud to highlight that over 80% of our long day care services are ranked meeting or higher according to the National Quality Standard, which is above industry average

All of our long day care services provide safe, interesting and stimulating learning environments that recognise your child as an individual as well as an extension of your family, culture and community. All children are considered to be capable, competent and responsible for guiding their own learning through their interests and strengths. All of our long day care centres also offer nutritional meals or snacks throughout the day taking into consideration allergies, intolerances and cultural preferences and requirements.

All of our services have high quality, qualified and diverse staff from a wide range of backgrounds. We encourage our staff to share their culture with the children and to use their home language as much as possible. We are fortunate that in many cases we are able to provide a family with a staff member that speaks their language if it can help provide a level of comfort and familiarity to the child or family.

Our long day care centres offer a school readiness program that starts as soon as your child enrols and ramps up in your child’s last year prior to starting school. The program prepares children for school across all developmental domains including social, prosocial, emotional, physical, language and cognitive. Depending on your child’s age and stage they will be invited to participate in a range of learning experiences that are designed with your child’s level of development, interests and strengths taken into consideration. Preparing for school happens every day in every experience leading up to starting school.

Some examples of school readiness learning experiences are:

  • reading to your child
  • encouraging your child to recognise and write their name
  • speaking-up within a group of peers and
  • caring for their own belongings.

Our long day care centres are able to provide a safe, comfortable space for you to continue breastfeeding or bottle feeding your child if you wish to do so. When enrolling your child you can discuss this requirement your centre manager and they will show you the area/s within the service where you can make yourself comfortable.

Every long day care centre has safe sleeping spaces for all children. The educators working in the infant’s rooms have a thorough understanding of safe sleeping techniques and all of our services follow the Red Nose protocols.
Our services have systems in place to ensure sun safety during outdoor play. Each service manages this slightly different but every centre has the means to check the UV rating for the day and work around their indoor outdoor program to reduce exposure as much as possible. Children are encouraged and supported from a young age to apply their own sun cream as well as to dress appropriately to cover as much skin as possible. Experiences are presented in shady areas and adjusted throughout the day in accordance with the suns positioning.

It is our legal and moral obligation to ensure all children are kept safe. All of our educators participate in compulsory child protection training regularly and are aware of their legal obligation as mandatory reporters of abuse or neglect. Our services work in accordance with our internal child protection policy and procedures which outline our legal responsibilities and reporting requirements. Our children’s programs include age appropriate child protection learning experiences which aim to teach children various strategies for keeping themselves safe.


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